Self-cleaning Plastic Disc Filters Batteries DP FILTERS


Self-cleaning Plastic Disc Filters Batteries DP series

APPLICATIONS: Disc filters are often used as a safety feature of an installation. They are also used as pre-filters for water intake.
USAGE: Disk filters-DP series are used for large water flows where one disc filter is not capable of filtering. The disc filters of this series can be connected in parallel by creating a battery The filter cartridge consists of a stack of plastic grooved disks packaged in a way that can offer both surface and depth filtration.
INSTALLATION: The installation of the filter is done by following the direction of the flow arrow in the filter body. The water enters the inlet, passes through the cartridge, is filtered and exits from the outlet.
MAINTENANCE: Each filter is cleaned manually, disassembling the lid and removing the cartridges. The cleaning of the cartridges should always be done when the difference of input-output (DP) is 0.5 bar greater than the pressure difference while the cartridge is clean.


SURFACE TREATMENT: Chemical cleaning (pickling, phosphate) and electrostatic painting with polyester powder (available epoxy coatings suitable for drinking water).
BODY: Reinforced polyamide
CARTRIDGE: Disks made of polypropylene
CLAMP: Stainless steel AISI 304
Self-cleaning Plastic Disc Filters Batteries table
Self-cleaning Plastic Disc Filters batteries table2

Part list

Part list DP-23-000