X Series Sand Media filters


Sand Media filters X series

APPLICATIONS: Industrial, municipal, agricultural activities.
USAGE: Sand media filters, X- series are designed to remove algae, slime or other organic contaminant as well as sand, rock, grit and other inorganic contaminants. Media filters are the type of filters most commonly used for high volume cleaning of water and combine surface and depth filtration.
OPERATION: The water is filtered as it passes through a uniform porous media (i.e., granulated silica sand) from top to bottom. Particulate matter is entrapped between the pores of the media where is flushed out by reversing the flow. Backwash flow fluidizes the media and removes the accumulated particles.


BODY: Steel S235JR (also available in stainless steel AISI 304 & 316, upon request).
MEDIA: Quartz gravel, Silica sand.
SURFACE TREATMENT: Chemical cleaning (pickling, phosphate) and electrostatic painting with polyester powder (available epoxy coatings suitable for drinking water).
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XDC 1 ½ ‘’ ø500
XDC 2 ‘’-24’’
XDC 3 ‘’-30’’
XDC 4‘’-5’’- 36’’