WTX series Multimedia filters


Multimedia filters WTX series

APPLICATIONS: Energy/ Power, Food and Beverage Industry, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Municipal drinking water, Wastewater treatment.
USAGE: Filters of this series could be used for the removal of suspended solids from the water, the removal of color, odor and organic contaminants, the removal of iron and manganese, heavy metals (arsenic), as for the neutralization of pH. These filters could be used either individually, or as pretreatment in water treatment and desalination plants.
OPERATION: The water is filtered as it passes through a uniform porous media from top to bottom. Particulate matter is entrapped between the pores of the media where is flushed out by reversing the flow. Backwash flow fluidizes the media and removes the accumulated particles.


BODY: Steel S235JR (also available in stainless steel AISI 304 & 316, upon request).
SURFACE TREATMENT: Chemical cleaning (pickling, phosphate) and electrostatic painting with polyester powder (available epoxy coatings suitable for drinking water).


Single Syste table
* CALCULATED ON FILTRATION SPEED 55 (m/h) per 1 square meter of filter, which is the average recommended filtration speed for most applications. However, each design must consider its specific requirements for water quality.

Duplex System

Duplex media filter is used as:

- Twin alternating operation where 1 of the two tanks is on duty and the other is stand by.

- Parallel duplex operation which is recommended for high flows requirements.

*Weight calculated with the base


media table

** Available in other grain sizes.

*** The actual flow rate is highly dependable on the quality of the water and the choice of the media. Most of the times the actual flow rate is 30-50% lower than the nominal flow rate.

For more information regarding the variety of the media and the relative flow rates, please contact us!

Part list

Part list 05-17-152A
Part list 05-17-202A
Part list 05-17-204A
Part list 05-17-300A
Part list 05-17-236A
Part list 05-17-238A
Part list 05-17-483A
Part list 05-17-480A