KE Series COMPACT filtration


COMPACT filtration KE series

APPLICATIONS: They are usually installed for filtering water from drilling or wells for irrigation purposes.
USAGE: The KE-series comppact filtration systems consist of a hydro-cyclone and a screen (horizontal or circulation) or disc filter. These compact systems are mainly used for the removal of large amounts of inorganic particles. The system also includes a fertilizer control head which, with a fertilizer tank or a dosing pump, can be used for fertigation.
OPERATION: The KE-series is a complete unit which can be installed immidiately to the irrigation sytem. When the untreated water enters the hydro-cyclone, the centrifugal force causes the particles to spin at high speed onto the filter’s walls in a tangential direction. Those particles then are gathered in the collection chamber at the bottom of the filter. The water, cleaned from the heavier particles, passes through the outlet where the screen or disk filter will continue the treatment from the remaining lighter particles.
MAINTENANCE: The filter is cleaned manually, disassembling the lid and removing the cartridge. The cleaning of the cartridge should always be done when the difference of input-output (DP) is 0.5 bar greater than the pressure difference while the cartridge is clean.


BODY: Steel S235JR (also available in stainless steel AISI 304 & 316 or Reinforced polyamide, on request).
CARTRIDGE: u-PVC (DIN8061)/ stainless steel screen (AISI 304)/ perforated stainless steel (for models greater than 6’’)
SURFACE TREATMENT: Chemical cleaning (pickling, phosphate) and electrostatic painting with polyester powder (available epoxy coatings suitable for drinking water).
Compact filtration KE series table1
Compact filtration KE series table2

*KE series has the flexibility of 4 different options:

• O 1’’, 1 ½ ‘’, 2’’, 3’’, 4’’ series

• K 1’’, 1 ½ ‘’, 2’’, 3’’, 4’’, 5’’, 6’’series and RBR

• D 2’’, 3’’, 4’’ series

Ask one of the Drop team members and you can get more information of different sizes.
Compact filtration KE series table3
Compact filtration KE series image2

Part list

Part list 05-10-100
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