BSF Series Basket strainer filters


Basket strainer filters BSF series

APPLICATIONS: Where and when extra protection is required. It can also help for the prevention of slag in suction lines and the pumps.
USAGE: BSF-series pre-filters are used to protect irrigation network equipment such as pumps and valves but also to avoid wear and blockage by the presence of large caliber sediment. All filters are PN10 (16 bar upon request is also possible). The product range can serve a large number of the flow.
INSTALLATION: The installation is very simple and can be done by following the direction of the flow arrow in the filter body.
OPERATION: Water enters the inlet, passes through the basket, is filtered and exits from the outlet.
MAINTENANCE: The filter is cleaned manually, disassembling the lid and removing the basket. The cleaning of the basket should always be done when the difference of input-output (DP) is 0.5 bar greater than the pressure while the basket is clean.


BODY: Steel S235JR (also available in stainless steel AISI 304 & 316, on request).
BASKET: Perforated stainless steel (1-4 mm), 120+80 mesh Plain dutch.
SURFACE TREATMENT: Chemical cleaning (pickling, phosphate) and electrostatic painting with polyester powder (available epoxy coatings suitable for drinking water).
F: Flanged, DIN 2576 PN 10
Other standards and sizes upon request
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