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DROP-Ν.Kiosidis sa, has been offering complete filtration solutions since 1971. At our privately owned premises of 6000 sq. m. located in the industrial area of Sindos Thessaloniki, we manufacture water filtration systems covering all needs, both before and after water pumping.

Our long experience and our personnel’s expertise, enables us to manufacture specialized filtration systems and structures, according to your individual needs.

Our aim is to constantly educate and train our personnel, to improve our products and services as well as design and develop new innovative products.

Our Sales and Representatives’ Network extends from the European Union, Balkans and Eastern Europe to the Middle and Far East, Africa, Persian Gulf, South America and Caribbean.

Our top quality certified products are used in:

  • Agriculture (irrigation and fertigation)
  • Industry and
  • Water Supply

The use of DROP filters in your water supply systems:

  • Increases the reliability of your installation
  • Contributes to quicker amortization of its cost because it minimizes the need for repairs.
  • Offers trouble-free continuous operation with minimum surveillance.